International Application for Canadian Registration

International Application for Canadian Registration
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Welcome to Canada! 

As  the recognized Canadian registrar with the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) is excited to review your knowledge and expertise in the field of exercise, health & wellness and have you join our registry and our mission to inspire active Canadians.

Please complete this International Application for Canadian Registration review including all relevant contact information. 

Please be sure to also include copies of all current accreditations, registrations, and qualifications including your education history.

The fee for this application is $25.00+gst and must be paid in full at time of submission.  No refunds will be permitted regardless of Application outcome(s). 

Please indicate which area of professional exercise recognition you are seeking via this review.  Current areas within the NFLA include:

  • Group Exercise Leader (specialized designations include:  Choreography, Cycle, Step, Portable Equipment, Mind/Body)
  • Older Adult
  • Aquatic
  • Resistance Training Leader (may also be known as Gym Instructor/Exercise Consultant/Fitness Instructor)
  • Personal Trainer

Once your Application is submitted, an independent review of your qualifications will be carried out in accordance to current ICREPs Global Mapping Matrix guidelines, and applicable NFLA and Provincial agency guidelines.  This review may take up to four (4) weeks, and you will receive notification via email upon review completion. 

Please note that implied agreement to complete said review is not to be considered agreement or acceptance into the NFLA or any partner Provincial accreditation entity, and does not include insurance to practice. Recognition and insurance to practice as a qualified exercise professional within Canada will not commence until all accreditation registration procedures are completed with a partner organization of the NFLA. 

The work of the NFLA and its partner organizations is driven by ensuring meaningful accreditation for exercise professionals in Canada.  Such accreditations further protect all Canadians seeking responsible guidance from qualified and insured exercise professionals.  Your support of the NFLA and its partner organizations in these endeavors is acknowledged and appreciated.

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